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300 Black Owned Business Advertising Challenge
The Urban Business Alliance:

You Get:
Urban Passport ONYX Membership: Cost-$50.00 per month for 1 year $600 total
1.     Business Card ad in quarterly Update EMail[1]
2.     Listing on biweekly email out
3.     Standard Display Ad on Urban Passport Website[2]
4.      Discounted Booth space at monthly UP-Card Business Expo*
5.     Sponsorship of one biweekly newsletter during contract term
6.     At least one Feature on your business during contract term
7.   35 spots per month on the UITV 150 spots on one of the V108 Radio Stations

Vendor Must:

  1. Provide EXCLUSIVE discount for Urban Passport Card Holders
  2. Display Urban Passport logo on door and at register
  3. Display Urban Passport logo on home page of their website with link
  4. Agree to play network stations in their venue at least 7 hours per week
    Provide link to one of the network stations from their website

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The First 30 BOB's to sign up get 100 ads on each of the radios stations per month
150-30 sec V108 Audio on one of the radio stations (Gospel, Urban or Talk)
35-30 sec UITV Video Ads
$300 due at time of sign up. $300 due by Friday November 11th


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